Optimized Salesforce and HubSpot integration, enhancing marketing productivity and sales alignment, which allowed the firm to handle customer engagements more efficiently and boost overall performance.

A strategic integration of HubSpot and Salesforce to streamline operations, enhance lead nurturing, and boost sales productivity


The Client

Our client is a financial marketing advisory company based in San Diego, USA.

They primarily helped financial advisors build their businesses, expand their influence, and strengthen customer relationships. However, they expanded their offerings from website & ads support to a sophisticated, automated suite that supports advisors’ success, day in and day out.

The Problem


Our client planned to scale its marketing efforts and wanted to move from Pardot to HubSpot Marketing Hub for marketing automation.


Although they wanted to move to HubSpot Marketing Hub, they wanted to keep using Salesforce as their CRM.


Therefore, our client needed their HubSpot to integrate with Salesforce – both uni and bi-directionally for specific custom scenarios.

Integration Scenarios

Salesforce <> HubSpot Synchronization

  • All contacts from Salesforce get transferred to HubSpot
  • Mark Lead Status as “Need nurturing”: The sales team wanted the marketing team to nurture contacts that went inactive during their sales cycle through webinars, retargeting and other nurture campaigns.
    In this scenario, they wanted these contacts to go into HubSpot and get marked as “Need nurturing”.
  • Mark Lead Status as “Cold”: The sales team wanted the marketing team to reactivate contacts that came through sales personal prospecting.

HubSpot <> Salesforce Synchronization

The marketing team had multiple engagement motions in place along with a lead-scoring mechanism for contacts that came through Salesforce -

  • For contacts that were marked as “Need nurturing” through the Salesforce <> HS Sync: Marketing nurtured them through webinars, and as and when they reached a lead score of 50 based on various engagement criteria they wanted to send these contacts back to Salesforce; notifying the SDR/AE (depending on the contact owner) to run their sales efforts on them.

The marketing team had a net-new lead gen motion in place supported by Paid Ads & ZoomInfo.

  • For contacts that got nurtured and reached the score of 70 based on various engagement criteria: Marketing wanted these contacts to move to Salesforce, and get assigned to SDR/AE based on a lead routing process setup in Salesforce.

The Tech Stack

We started off with understanding and revamping their tech stack. The first step we took was deep diving into which technologies and platforms were right for the setup they were trying to achieve, followed by a setup plan for their new tech stack.

Old Setup New Setup
Salesforce Sales Cloud HubSpot Marketing Hub
Pardot Go-to-Webinar
Zoom for Webinars ZoomInfo, Facebook+Linkedin+Google Ads integration

The Tech Stack

Integration wireframe

Integration wireframe

Phase 1

Establishing the standard mapping setup to achieve the initial goal i.e. bringing all Salesforce contacts, companies, and deals into HubSpot. We set up a standard mapping to meet the initial goal of bringing all data from Salesforce to HubSpot.

Salesforce <> HubSpot Contact Sync:

Salesforce  HubSpot Contact Sync

Salesforce <> HubSpot Account/Company Sync:

Salesforce HubSpot Account/Company Sync:

Salesforce <> HubSpot Opportunity/Deal Sync:

Salesforce HubSpot Opportunity/Deal Sync:

Phase 1.1

Next, we had to sync lead status as a two-way sync to achieve the criteria for marking leads as “Need nurturing” or “Cold” in HubSpot, when updated in Salesforce.

Phase 1.1

Note: There are 3 types of sync rules available in this integration:

Two-way: As and when any of the systems updates a property, the value reflects the same in both.

Prefer Salesforce: As and when any change happens in HubSpot, this option doesn’t let HubSpot override data for that property in Salesforce.

Don’t Sync: Don’t let any of the platforms update this value for each other.

Phase 2

Enabling intelligence to notify contact owners in Salesforce.

The HubSpot <> Salesforce integration activates intelligent notifications for SDR/AE in Salesforce, by automating task creation when a contact's lead score hits 50, ensuring timely and strategic follow-ups.

Enabling intelligence to notify contact owners in Salesforce

Phase 2.1

Enabling intelligence to notify contact owners in Salesforce.

Whenever a new lead is generated in HubSpot through net new lead generation activities, an automatic creation of the corresponding contact in Salesforce is triggered.

Salesforce is triggered.

Impact and Outcomes

The transition from Pardot to HubSpot, integrated with Salesforce, significantly elevated our client's marketing and sales operations. Key achievements include:

Marketing Productivity Surge

The ease of use and efficiency of HubSpot led to an appreciable boost in marketing productivity, enabling the team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than operational complexities.

Operational Streamlining

The new system facilitated a more streamlined process, keeping the marketing team fully informed of critical touch-points throughout the customer journey.

Improved Marketing-Sales Alignment

The integration fostered a level of marketing and sales alignment previously unattainable, through shared insights and seamless communication–enabling both teams to work cohesively.

This strategic overhaul not only met our client's objectives but also laid a robust foundation for ongoing growth and competitive advantage.


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