Don’t lose 60% of qualified meetings due to poor email deliverability. We can definitely help.

We work with companies who currently (or wish to) run their cold email engine at scale, to make sure they reach 95% of the inboxes on a monthly basis.

Our Customers

Ideal Living
Casper Labs
Quadrant Advisory

We’ve been doing it wrong with our traditional tech-stack of cold emailing..

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Here's how a stress-free cold-emailing engine looks like (and why you need it before

Feb 2024)

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Here’s how we’ll help you scale

Set up and scale the new emailing stack

We build and boost your email systems for 20, 50, 100, 1000 domains, and more. If you’re seeing the wins, and wish to scale to 10X your volume - we got your back. We'll help you achieve and maintain 10X+ growth without the stress.

Stay away from the spam benchmark

If you’ve been doing it, you’ll know that you’ll get spam. The art is to keep it below 0.3%. If we’re nearby, our team will complete the back-end work to sort it out and rescue your campaigns quickly

Keep A/B testing with content, segments & more!

The secret sauce is to analyse what’s working, double down on it, and repeat. We’ll help you through that journey of testing campaigns efficiently, and scale what’s working.

Reduce manual follow-up time, smartly

If you’re stuck in spending hours to follow up manually - we'll create automated Smart Follow-up Subsequences to speed up your pipeline!

12-week of journey

Discovery and tech setup
Auditing and business discovery

As a first step, we offer a free deliverability audit where we will assess your current setup, identify any urgent changes required, and create a customized campaign strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

Our team will take the time to understand your business context, objectives, sales processes, and buyer personas to ensure that the strategy we develop is tailored to your specific needs.

Tech setups

To ensure your campaigns are built out correctly and can handle rapid growth without any breaks, we include all the essential components.

We fix IP reputations, configure MTA, ISPs, TLS, SPF, evaluate the health of your email list, and put necessary deliverability components in place.

Additionally, we deploy an email warm-up strategy to maximize your email campaign's effectiveness.

Scheduling and Optimizing

You want to make sure that your emails get you sales KPIs you want. At this step, we work on open rates, bounce rates, deliverability and other metrics so the campaigns help you exceed your plan.


Some of them are: fixing IP reputations, configuring DANE, adding proper authentication and configuring BIMI and shifting IPs + DMARC policies... and other technical stuff.

Segmentation and sources
Market research

ICP and TAM research to identify segments and main data sources.

Intent mapping and segmentation

Identify quantifiable intent, data points, signals that help us build segments.

Avoiding duplicity

CRM integrations of contacts from your existing contacts and exclude them from Outbound campaigns.

Value prop and pitch
Sales process and positioning

Undergoing through sales pitches, value transfer, and understanding positioning through businesses assets.

Value canvas & drafting copies

Creating a value-prop canvas across segments

Message market fit

Creating initial drips to experiment messaging & enabling spin-texting to maintain high-deliverability.

Hypothesis and conversions
Strategy document

Mapping campaign objectives with themes, designs and pitches for each segment along with making customer journey with relevant metrics in a strategy doc.

Optimization the channel journey

Optimize for KPIs across the journey like replies, demos, signups and avoid the vanity metrics trap.

Feedback loop

Establish a process for relevant feedbacks for the sales team to further optimize MQL-SQL journey.

Omni-channel & SDR integration
Lead scoring and segmentation

Implement conditional lead scoring and prioritizing leads with high intent with SDRs.

Omni-channel targeting

Identify the high-intent leads and assign to SDRs through advance analytics by tracking multiple opens, etc.

Integrating Inbound

Convert your outbound leads to inbound segments via content magnets and high value content

Interesting, init? To learn about costs, how this can help YOUR business, and what it'll take to manage it at scale...

Our Case Study


How we expanded HuddleUp's Email Outreach with an 11% reply rate from the previous 0.5%

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How we helped AutomationHero secure $4 Million from Cold Emails


How we expanded a Fintech SaaS company from 1 to 100 Domains (And brought down spam rate from 9% to zero risk 0.1%)

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How we developed successful Outbound Campaigns and gained 12 new clients for a B2B SaaS company



What if we're starting our email system from scratch?

That’s no issue. But an opportunity for a streamlined setup right from the start.

Our experts specialize in designing efficient email infrastructures geared for success. We'll collaborate closely with you to grasp your business objectives and establish a framework that's not just scalable but also adheres to industry standards. From choosing suitable platforms to devising impactful strategies, we will assist you at each stage, guaranteeing a smooth kick-off for your email marketing efforts.

What if our email campaigns are already performing well?

Pleased to hear that, but we aim to lift it up from 'good' to 'outstanding'.

Even if you're content with your current open and spam rates, we're here to help you amplify your campaigns to a broader audience while maintaining the quality of your interactions. Our in-depth knowledge enables us to pinpoint ways to optimize expenses without compromising efficiency.

Through refining your strategies, we aim to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns, potentially lowering costs while increasing returns. We’ve crafted our approach to build on your current results and drive growth.

Why is continuous support important for email campaigns?

Regular updates and maintenance ensure that your email strategies remain effective and compliant with changing regulations and technological advancements. Plus, ongoing support allows for campaign performance optimization, identifying and addressing issues swiftly to maintain high deliverability and engagement rates. 

How long is the commitment period?

We offer our services on a flexible subscription model, without any fixed-term agreements. You have the liberty to assess the benefits we bring to your business and continue as long as you find it helpful. Should you choose to end the service, we kindly ask for a notice of a minimum of 5 days before the upcoming billing period.

When can I anticipate measurable results?

Our clients often observe better open and spam rates within the initial weeks after our partnership. 

But of course, the timeframe for observing results varies, ranging from as little as 2 hours to up to 2 months, based on the complexity of the issues being addressed. When we resolve a major issue, many clients witness a boost in conversions within the same week.

What do you need from us to begin?

To start our partnership, we typically need access to your email marketing system and domain hosting credentials.

Depending on your current configuration, we may also require access to additional tools you utilize for your email marketing efforts.

Our team is adept at working with a variety of platforms, including but not limited to Google Workspace. We will specify all the essential information needed during our initial conversations.

Rest assured, we adhere to a mutual non-disclosure agreement and make no alterations without your consent.

Can your team help improve our email content strategy, including A/B tests, email subject lines and strategic counsel?

We got you covered with everything email and are fully prepared to advance your content strategy. With our rich experience in generating leads for major enterprises, we provide a range of services to enhance your email marketing initiatives.

This encompasses devising A/B tests to determine the most successful approaches, providing recommendations for subject lines, and delivering insightful content suggestions to improve user engagement.

Besides, we will always be available for counsel so that your email campaigns are not only well-executed but also deeply resonate with your audience, yielding measurable outcomes.