Building effective SEO frameworks for B2Bs that believe in the long game.

At Growtomation, we believe in making sure you're present where your prospects need you to be present - be it the broader searches or the niche long-tail keywords. We help companies build robust SEO frameworks that help them be relevant to their audiences for the long run. 

The sales pipeline of SEO

Has it become difficult to fill the sales pipeline lately? 

In-consistent sales pipeline targets? Tired of the rising CAC? 

Your prospects are already looking for you. Be present where they’re looking for you. 

The 80+ team at Growtomation will help you create a sustainable channel by working on SEO to fill in your sales pipeline by driving Quality traffic that has high intent, urgency to convert, and looking for your solution to solve their problem.

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IMPACT = Revenue growth

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SEO Management

  • Technical SEO Auditing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Conduct On-page optimizations
  • Creation of a B2B SEO growth strategy
  • Perform keyword research & content modeling

Highly specialized B2B focused SEO team

  • CRO Expert
  • Outreach experts
  • SEO Management expert
  • B2B Demand Gen expert
  • B2B Funnel content writer

Content Management

  • Scalable content production system
  • Leveraging customer data and trends
  • Customer-focused and user-centric approach
  • Utilizing industry-expert outreach and insights
  • Comprehensive SEO optimization and topic research

Link that drive traction and revenue

  • Prospect relevant and quality domains
  • Build a personalized outreach campaign
  • Develop a tailor-made SaaS link building strategy
  • Create content with highest quality and standards

Growtomation vs. Other SEO agencies

360° Ownership Rarely they own the implementation of SEOstrategies for your business. They either consult or give you a list of errors that need to be fixed  Vector The ownership of the SEO strategy is 100% because we provide Omni-service support. We do more than just SEO strategy, CRO, content, design, and tech support under one umbrella
CRO They just focus on SEO strategy Vector We aim to give convertible traffic
Specialty Only on-page and Off page SEO Vector Highly B2B and RevOps-focused
Full funnel Keywords and SEO in silos approach  Vector Entire lifecycle management 
Channel orchestration Work in channel silos which is often difficult to map in overall acquisition strategy Vector Integrated with other channels in one CRM
Reporting andtransparency Legacy reporting is like standalone excel sheets where you will have to navigate the maze of numbers  Vector Full funnel reporting via a common CRM dashboard

Discovery and Audit

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Business Overview - We learn about your core business, product offerings, and positioning, which help us identify the right keywords across the market for your business. 

ICP and segmentation - We start knowing who your ICPs are to get the details of their psychographics, demographic profiles, and pain points, which helps us understand their queries on search engines. 

Sales process and SEO basics - We align the keywords that your SQLs are searching for and map them with your customer’s journey and your sales funnel. This ensures that content is strategically placed to move the needle at key touchpoints. 

Technical audit - We take a deep dive into your assets to look for any leakages, gaps, and most importantly quick wins. Here’s what our Tech audit comprises 

What does our tech audit Include?

Tech audit:
Website audit to look for redirects, 404 errors, page speed, and mobile friendliness. We get to quick fixes till we complete the audit.

Competitor Benchmarking:
Knowing what helps your competition win in the market helps us identify opportunities to place ourselves. We take strong cues while strategizing to re-direct quality traffic from your competitors to your website, followed by a thorough analysis to outdo them while also setting the stage for segmented content creation. 

On-page SEO:
We identify content clusters based on your processes, keywords, and objectives and with internal backlinking optimized for one thing only - Revenue. These content clusters are aligned to your processes in total and not just marketing objectives. 

Content Review:
When we review the content for plagiarism, quality, and keyword gaps, we check content relevancy for YOU. We help users navigate the website clearly by placing cues like lead magnets and using SQL-level content that ensures the quality of capturing the details.

Off-page SEO:
Your backlinks, anchor texts, social signals, should all direct us to your conversion and retention rates. If the backlinks are not placed on the sites that matter, the backlinks don’t matter. Also, toxic backlinks… let’s get rid of them ASAP!

Is your brand being talked about in your geography? Are you featured in the local directories there? What is your audience saying about you? Let’s fix that, to leverage geotargeting as it should be.


Crafting your SEO strategy - Based on our conversations around your business type, ICP, revenue goals, and overall feedback received from you, we start building your SEO strategy. 

Goal Alignment

Ensuring sync between the SEO Strategy and your Business Goals.


Ensuring high quality traffic and improve brand presence across different platforms like G2, Capterra, and Social Media.


Ensuring the right keyword is being implemented to convert Leads to SQL. Also, creating content clusters and cover topics across the funnel.

Collaborate and finalize - We then switch gears into collaboration mode. We'll schedule a detailed walkthrough of the proposed strategy, incorporating your insights to fine-tune the approach. This iterative process ensures that the strategy is fully aligned with your objectives.

Strategy Walkthrough

We schedule a call to walk you through the entire SEO plan, ensuring you understand each component.

Scope Finalization

After your approval, we finalize the project scope and set key milestones to track progress.

SEO Implementation

If you already have your content in place, we start putting them together in a structural manner so as it covers the entire buyer journey.


Keyword Analysis 

Research and identify high-impact keywords relevant to the client's industry

Keyword Assignment

Map selected keywords to specific pages on the website for targeted optimization

On-site SEO Content optimization

Enhance meta titles, descriptions, and header tags for improved search engine visibility

On-site Internal link optimization 

Optimize existing website content to include targeted keywords and improve readability

Advanced SEO and External linking

Build high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites to boost domain authority


Content strategy development

Create a comprehensive content plan aligned with SEO goals and target keywords

Blog posts 

Write industry-specific blog posts optimized for selected keywords to drive organic traffic

White papers and E-books 

Develop long-form content like whitepapers & e-books to establish thought leadership and capture leads

Landing page content 

Craft persuasive and SEO-optimized landing pages to convert organic traffic into qualified leads

Video content

Produce keyword-optimized video content to engage users & improve dwell time

Case studies 

Showcase client success stories to build credibility and provide real-world examples of your solutions

Social media snippets 

Create shareable content snippets for social media to increase reach and backlink opportunities

Measures of success

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Organic Traffic Growth: Measures the increase in visitors from search engines over time. A key indicator of SEO success.
  • Month on Month organic traffic Growth: Understanding of how your monthly traffic is growing on a monthly basis segmented by how each topic cluster is performing. 
  • New vs. Returning Visitors: Understand the balance between acquiring new audiences and retaining existing ones.
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Lead Generation Rate: The number of qualified leads generated from organic search. This is crucial for B2B where the sales cycles are longer.
  • MQLs vs. SQLs: Differentiate between Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads.
  • Lead Source: Identify which organic keywords or pages are generating the most leads.
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Keyword Performance: Tracks how targeted keywords rank on search engines. High-ranking keywords are vital for visibility among B2B decision-makers.

  • Long-Tail Keywords: Track the performance of long-tail keywords in addition to primary keywords.
  • Keyword Opportunity: Identify keywords where you rank on the second page and could easily move up.
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Click-Through Rate (CTR): Measures the effectiveness of meta titles and descriptions in encouraging clicks from search results.

  • Position-Based CTR: Analyze CTR based on the search result position.
  • Meta Description Effectiveness: A/B test different meta descriptions to see which performs better.
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Conversion Rate: The percentage of organic visitors who take a desired action, such as filling out a contact form or downloading a whitepaper.

  • Micro-Conversions: Track smaller actions like newsletter sign-ups or video views that lead to the final conversion.
  • Conversion by Content Type: Measure which types of content (blogs, whitepapers, webinars) are most effective for conversions.
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Cost Per Lead (CPL): The average cost incurred to acquire a lead through organic search. Lower CPL is ideal for maximizing ROI.

  • CPL by Channel: Break down CPL based on organic, referral, and social channels.
  • CPL Over Time: Track how CPL changes as SEO efforts mature.
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Bounce Rate: Indicates the quality of the landing pages. A lower rate suggests that the content is relevant to the search queries.

  • Bounce by Page Type: Analyze if certain types of pages (e.g., blog posts, product pages) have higher bounce rates.
  • Exit Pages: Identify which pages users are most frequently exiting from.
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ROI of SEO Campaigns: Measures the profitability of SEO efforts by comparing the revenue generated from organic search to the investment made in SEO activities.

  • Revenue per Organic Visit: Calculate the average revenue generated from each organic visit.
  • Cost Savings: Measure how much you've saved in paid advertising due to successful SEO.
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Mail-2 CRM MigrationSales-Marketing Alignment
Monique Sherman

Head of Marketing, Automation Hero, Inc.

Experienced HubSpot Consultancy

Our experience with Growtomation has been extremely positive - fast response times, weekly status updates, and proactive suggestions for improved operations. They helped us build our HS ecosystem from the ground up and scale our company.

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Mail-2 CRM Implementation Sales Enablement
Harry Cheatle

Senior Analyst, Cord

Delivered exactly what we Needed!

Growtomation were a great help to us in terms of adding automations, building out our Sales reporting and dashboards, and suggesting new ways of solving the various problems we were encountering or would encounter in the future.

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Mail-2 CRM Implementation CRM Migration
Gillian Seifert

Client Concierge, The Buzz Lab

Take Ownership & Ask thought provoking questions re campaigns

Not your average out source partner in India. Growtomationis a pleasure to work with, I do recommend them.

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Mail-2 Sales Automation CRM Migration
Justus Schreiner

Business Development, Casper Labs

Highly Professional, Quick and On-point

Growtomation re-did many of our sales processes, streamlined our operations and automated different tasks. They were very quick with the implementation and their response rate.

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Mail-2 CRM Implementation Programmable Automation
Julie Phifer

Director of Product Management, Pearson

Excellent consulting partner for implementing HubSpot

The Growtomation team has strong HubSpot expertise and have been able to develop user flow journeys and implement solutions to address our business needs.

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Mail-2 CRM Implementation CRM Migration
Gillian Seifert

Client Concierge, The Buzz Lab

The Help we Needed!

Whenever we have a question or concern with our CRM, folks at Growtomation never hesitated to be quick and efficient in providing a solution to our problems.

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