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HubSpot is the hub for your lead, client, sales, and customer service information. Yet, you could very well have a variety of additional tools. Be it ERP, Data storage, your custom application, or any specific solution your enterprise employs for its customer interactions, we're here to not only transfer that data into Hubspot but also to do so in a manner that maximizes the capabilities of the CRM.

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What is as Custom CRM HubSpot Integration?

HubSpot has an extensive marketplace of compatible apps and most business tools come with HubSpot integration built in. However, these standard integrations often fall short for growing businesses.

Older systems, tailor-made applications, and specific business processes typically aren't accommodated by standard HubSpot integrations. Fortunately, HubSpot offers top-tier APIs and adaptability features, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with any tool in your stak with the right know-how.

Our tech team at Growtomation, with our experienced Solutions Architects, specializes in crafting the ideal data architecture for your integration and pinpointing opportunities for added flexibility, going beyond mere data synchronization.

Our HubSpot developers build custom coded actions, CRM elements, CMS modules, and more that are designed to accommodate the unique experience you desire while considering the management needs of non-technical users.

Areas of Expertise

Our tech team understands that your goal with HubSpot is to make use of its ready-to-use CRM features.

In integrating other systems, we focus on ensuring seamless compatibility - enabling your team to harness HubSpot's functionalities powered by your unique data, rather than being restricted by a custom-built solution. Our team is committed to developing scalable, adaptable solutions that your team can manage and expand without constant developer assistance.

01 IPaaS Setup

For most companies, a popular IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) offers a tailored solution while also allowing those without coding expertise to manage it. Most IPaaS options come with documenation, supportive partner networks, and compatibility with a variety of modern business applications, eliminating the need for custom coding.

This approach is ideal for organizations with internal Operations or IT teams, but lacking specialized integration developers.


Make records in external systems like ERPS, PM or service systems

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Query data
Retrieve data from various tools to power targeted automation


Extend integrations
Augment standard integrations with additional custom features


Power Automation
Drive workflow automation across several tools in your ecosystem


Make records in external systems like ERPS, PM or service systems

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Query data
Retrieve data from various tools to power targeted automation


Manage records
Create, update, link, or remove records across various tables in HubSpot


Build apps
Design full-fledged applications within your CRM

02  Custom Coded Action-Based Integrations

Maximize HubSpot's capabilities with advanced automation, moving beyond workflow actions and constraints. Enable HubSpot to seamlessly interact with any system via APIs.

Realize IPaaS-level capabilities without external tools, with of Operations Hub Pro. Effortlessly merge intuitive automation with custom-coded actions, enabling non-technical RevOps and Marketing Ops personnel to forge custom automations that harness both aspects.

03 3rd Party Custom Integrations

At times, solutions created using integration platforms may not be customized enough, or they may be expense due to the high volume of data processed.

In such cases, a custom integration, hosted on platforms like Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, may be better option.


Merge legal language into HubSpot quotes for legally binding eSignature


Show product images dynamically based on line items


Integrate payments or account provisioning into your quote flow


Write data back to CRM in the quoting process


Facilitate integration with data warehouse systems like Azure, BigQuery, and Snowflake


Set up reverse ETL tools such as Hightouch, Census, and Segment


Develop data models in HubSpot to accommodate additional business info

04  Data Warehouse Integration

Mature organizations, particularly software ones, often include a data warehouse in their data infrastructure. This serves as an excellent source for accessing product usage details, billing records, and managing historical data snapshots. Our team can assist you in either integrating data into your CRM with HubSpot or in extracting data from HubSpot for storage in your data warehouse.

05  Integration Consultancy

In certain cases, particularly when the integration involves your in house application, external developers may not be able to construct the required solution.

This might be due to the absence of public APIs, specific security protocols, or the preference to keep the expertise entirely internal. Here, we can can provide consultation on designing the integration, selecting appropriate APIs, and offer support as your team initiates coding.


API and architecture advisory


Support for optimizing HubSpot compatibility

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Developer support and code review

Want HubSpot to do more than just sync data from other tools?

Although your data might be integrated, you might want to use your integration for more than just data transfer. HubSpot presents a variety of extensibility options that can empower your team to surpass the usual limits once your data is integrated within HubSpot.

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