Building PPC channels for B2Bs to actually generate revenue vs. losing it.

At Growtomation, SQLs and Opportunities are the name of the game. Work with us to build effective PPC channels that drive those metrics, unlike other partners who live by the vanity ones! 

Traditional vs. Modern PPC

Spending extra $$$ = More revenue

Streamlined CRM >> Department silos

Realized revenue >> Vanity metrics

Growtomation vs other agencies

Growtomation vs other agencies

Pillars of PPC

Pillar of PPC
  • ICP and segmentation
  • Platform & Ad type
  • Targeting and Ad placements
  • Objectives / Goal setting
  • Platform Selection
  • Lead journey
  • Intent-mapping
  • ICP-centric copies which are well researched.
  • Platform-behavior aligned messaging
  • Strategic communication (relevant Hooks, CTAs, etc.)

Traditional vs. Modern Outbound

Philosophy Department-centric silo approach Vector A streamlined & sustainable approach
Approach Minimal and vanity-centric approach Vector Data-backed implementations
Pricing 10-15% commission based pricing of the total Ad-budget Vector Fixed hourly pricing + expert fee
Revenue centricity Loops focused on vanity metrics Vector Direct revenue impact
Reporting andtransparency Use a standardized template includingscreenshots Vector Building reports in your existing CRMfor centralized supervision
Process Work in function departments andusually in silos Vector Collaborative approach with clients throughout the journey
Owernship PPC ownership only i.e. in silo Vector Omnichannel streamlined ownership

The Growtomation Way

Auditing your account

Auditing your account

Step 1: Account auditing

We take a deep dive into your existing accounts to identify gaps, and opportunities and develop an action plan to achieve your desired outcomes. We do this by auditing the following :

  • Campaign structure - A well-structured campaign will have aligned Ad groups, ad copies, and relevant targeting which makes it easier to overlook the entire campaign.
  • Audience - Having well-defined attributes of the target audience helps us specifically segment; who to show our Ads which further optimizes for maximum output.
  • Ad copies - Copies that are ICP-centric are well researched, which highlights the user points, benefits, etc to attract and drive them to our desired funnel.
  • Performance tracking - A streamlined dashboard for all the performance metrics to track and record the metrics for your business goals.
Strategy - Creation & review

Strategy - Creation & review

Step 2 : Strategy creation and review

  • Understanding your goals - A discovery call with the sole purpose of identifying details about your business, current processes, audience behaviors, tastes and preferences, and business objectives with PPC.
  • Crafting your PPC - Building an overview of your entire performance marketing strategy which includes the right channels, messaging, and audience, relevant for your business. 
  • Collaborate and Finalize - A walkthrough of your entire plan with the proposed strategies, with relevant milestones, timelines, and most importantly the action plan.
Implementation & Launch

Implementation & Launch

Step 3 : Implementation and Launch

  • Campaign Brief - All the necessary details like - campaign structure, audience segments, the journey, Ad copies, and objectives are in place.
  • Landing page - A seamless journey from an Ad discovery to the entire funnel ends at a landing page which is designed to achieve the optimum campaign objective.
  • Attribution & campaign setup - Setting up a campaign on the particular platform, with an entire structure, keywords, Ad copies, Bid strategy, tracking links, and finally, making it live.
Reporting & Optimization

Reporting & Optimization

Step 4 : Reporting & Optimization

  • Retarget to optimize the campaign cost - While we bring the relevant traffic to the website, we will also be using retargeting and journeys to increase conversions at a lower cost.
  • Optimize for conversions - Our main goal now is to achieve initial conversions while we improve our keywords, quality, and daily spending.
  • Optimize for bid - Once we have conversion flowing in we all add another objective to deliver those leads with lower cost. 
  • Optimize for scale - Once we have winning camping then we start to scale them for maximum market share.
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Mail-2 CRM MigrationSales-Marketing Alignment
Monique Sherman

Head of Marketing, Automation Hero, Inc.

Experienced HubSpot Consultancy

Our experience with Growtomation has been extremely positive - fast response times, weekly status updates, and proactive suggestions for improved operations. They helped us build our HS ecosystem from the ground up and scale our company.

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Mail-2 CRM Implementation Sales Enablement
Harry Cheatle

Senior Analyst, Cord

Delivered exactly what we Needed!

Growtomation were a great help to us in terms of adding automations, building out our Sales reporting and dashboards, and suggesting new ways of solving the various problems we were encountering or would encounter in the future.

Sales Hub Pro
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Mail-2 CRM Implementation CRM Migration
Gillian Seifert

Client Concierge, The Buzz Lab

Take Ownership & Ask thought provoking questions re campaigns

Not your average out source partner in India. Growtomationis a pleasure to work with, I do recommend them.

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Mail-2 Sales Automation CRM Migration
Justus Schreiner

Business Development, Casper Labs

Highly Professional, Quick and On-point

Growtomation re-did many of our sales processes, streamlined our operations and automated different tasks. They were very quick with the implementation and their response rate.

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Mail-2 CRM Implementation Programmable Automation
Julie Phifer

Director of Product Management, Pearson

Excellent consulting partner for implementing HubSpot

The Growtomation team has strong HubSpot expertise and have been able to develop user flow journeys and implement solutions to address our business needs.

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Mail-2 CRM Implementation CRM Migration
Gillian Seifert

Client Concierge, The Buzz Lab

The Help we Needed!

Whenever we have a question or concern with our CRM, folks at Growtomation never hesitated to be quick and efficient in providing a solution to our problems.

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