Building Cold-outreach Engines that deliver leads Qualified meetings

Unlock your growth potential and dominate your market with our outbound expertise. Get on the wave of leveraging modern, hyper-focused and personalized outbound approach that helps you drive qualified meetings that result in more customers. 

‘Outbound B2B Lead Generation’ via Growtomation

We help B2B clients leverage outbound sales channels to consistently fill their sales pipeline with highly relevant leads.Your potential B2B buyers are already seeking what you're offering but they hate the hard sell. They want to feel valued in real-time.

Unlike inbound marketing methods, outbound sales development strategy has transformed over the last few years from cold calls to an omnichannel and full journey approach.

Our advanced outbound marketing strategies facilitate their lead generation process, right from piquing interest to initiating a sale. This approach focuses on adding value to conversations with B2B prospects, thereby leading to more qualified sales conversations.

Pillars of Outbound

Pillar of Outbound
  • Defining niche ICP and segment attributes
  • Identifying intent-driven segments
  • Picking cues that surface reactive segments
  • Hypothesis led improvisations
  • Finding data sources to build volume segments
  • Uncovering the right pitch from existing winning collaterals and customer conversations.
  • Building segment-specific personalization with value canvas.
  • Use generative AI for hyper-personalization with humanizing content at scale.
  • Unlimited warmups
  • Premium deliverability
  • Measures for High Domain Authority
  • Powerful API and automation
  • Capacity to scale the volume with CRM integration

Traditional vs. Modern Outbound

Focus / Approach Mass-marketing - Broad audience Vector Hyper - targeted and segmented audience
Nature of the strategy Interruption oriented Vector Engagement oriented
Customer - centricity Depersonalized - Less customer - Centric Vector Personalized - more customer - centric
ROI and trackability Restricted / Difficult to measure Vector Clear ROI with segmented analytics
Types of outbound Cold calling, trade shows, direct selling Vector Content marketing, Marketing automation,PPC, and social selling

Our Benefits

Nurture via Omnichannel outbound

Nurture via Omnichannel outbound - While the traditional approach demanded being pushy across channels, the modern approach requires one to build credibility by educating across the buyer's journey.

Lead scoring and SDR deployment

Lead scoring and SDR deployment - Irregularity in your sales pipelines? Lead scoring in outbound fills in the pipeline consistently and helps you sort your leads according to their stage in the ultimate buyer journey.

 Advanced Analytics and Insights

 Advanced Analytics and Insights - What's not visible, can't be controlled. Identification and track-ability of metrics is one core benefit of the modernization of the outbound approach.

Integration with your CRM

Integration with your CRM - Data-driven decision-making requires organized systems and without a streamlined CRM it becomes almost impossible to do outbound perfectly.

Our outbound B2B lead generation
accelerates revenue through:

Lead gen:
Outbound lead generation strategies that initiate more sales conversations.

Sales-ready messaging across your B2B buyer's journey.

Outreach to your market on scale, but in a controlled manner, to avoid blacklisting by any mail service provider.

Outreach to companies with a very ‘niche segment’ approach.

Creation of thought leadership content & downloadable lead magnets.

Connecting your outbound funnel to inbound style nurturing. 

Outreach to companies searching Google (and other search engines) for your services

Outreach to companies and individuals (with varied roles and personas) viewing your website.

Ideal profile-aligned paid search & paid social traffic.

12-week of journey

Discovery and tech setup
Auditing and business discovery

As a first step, we offer a free deliverability audit where we will assess your current setup, identify any urgent changes required, and create a customized campaign strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

Our team will take the time to understand your business context, objectives, sales processes, and buyer personas to ensure that the strategy we develop is tailored to your specific needs.

Tech setups

To ensure your campaigns are built out correctly and can handle rapid growth without any breaks, we include all the essential components.

We fix IP reputations, configure MTA, ISPs, TLS, SPF, evaluate the health of your email list, and put necessary deliverability components in place.

Additionally, we deploy an email warm-up strategy to maximize your email campaign's effectiveness.

Scheduling and Optimizing

You want to make sure that your emails get you sales KPIs you want. At this step, we work on open rates, bounce rates, deliverability and other metrics so the campaigns help you exceed your plan.


Some of them are: fixing IP reputations, configuring DANE, adding proper authentication and configuring BIMI and shifting IPs + DMARC policies... and other technical stuff.

Segmentation and sources
Market research

ICP and TAM research to identify segments and main data sources.

Intent mapping and segmentation

Identify quantifiable intent, data points, signals that help us build segments.

Avoiding duplicity

CRM integrations of contacts from your existing contacts and exclude them from Outbound campaigns.

Value prop and pitch
Sales process and positioning

Undergoing through sales pitches, value transfer, and understanding positioning through businesses assets.

Value canvas & drafting copies

Creating a value-prop canvas across segments

Message market fit

Creating initial drips to experiment messaging & enabling spin-texting to maintain high-deliverability.

Hypothesis and conversions
Strategy document

Mapping campaign objectives with themes, designs and pitches for each segment along with making customer journey with relevant metrics in a strategy doc.

Optimization the channel journey

Optimize for KPIs across the journey like replies, demos, signups and avoid the vanity metrics trap.

Feedback loop

Establish a process for relevant feedbacks for the sales team to further optimize MQL-SQL journey.

Omni-channel & SDR integration
Lead scoring and segmentation

Implement conditional lead scoring and prioritizing leads with high intent with SDRs.

Omni-channel targeting

Identify the high-intent leads and assign to SDRs through advance analytics by tracking multiple opens, etc.

Integrating Inbound

Convert your outbound leads to inbound segments via content magnets and high value content

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Mail-2 CRM MigrationSales-Marketing Alignment
Monique Sherman

Head of Marketing, Automation Hero, Inc.

Experienced HubSpot Consultancy

Our experience with Growtomation has been extremely positive - fast response times, weekly status updates, and proactive suggestions for improved operations. They helped us build our HS ecosystem from the ground up and scale our company.

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Harry Cheatle

Senior Analyst, Cord

Delivered exactly what we Needed!

Growtomation were a great help to us in terms of adding automations, building out our Sales reporting and dashboards, and suggesting new ways of solving the various problems we were encountering or would encounter in the future.

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Gillian Seifert

Client Concierge, The Buzz Lab

Take Ownership & Ask thought provoking questions re campaigns

Not your average out source partner in India. Growtomationis a pleasure to work with, I do recommend them.

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Justus Schreiner

Business Development, Casper Labs

Highly Professional, Quick and On-point

Growtomation re-did many of our sales processes, streamlined our operations and automated different tasks. They were very quick with the implementation and their response rate.

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Julie Phifer

Director of Product Management, Pearson

Excellent consulting partner for implementing HubSpot

The Growtomation team has strong HubSpot expertise and have been able to develop user flow journeys and implement solutions to address our business needs.

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Gillian Seifert

Client Concierge, The Buzz Lab

The Help we Needed!

Whenever we have a question or concern with our CRM, folks at Growtomation never hesitated to be quick and efficient in providing a solution to our problems.

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