Case Studies

Explore how our custom CRM solutions enhance sales and marketing synergy through our diverse client success stories.

A successful Sales & Marketing Hub implementation for their new SaaS business.
Developed end-to-end brand-guideline compliant targeted GTM assests for 12 + brands.
Decreased lead leakage by introducing a new lead segmentation and assignment process within Salesforce.
Seamless setup of 14 different B2C eCommerce brands in one HubSpot account using Business Units.
Migrated 2 Pipedrive accounts into one Hubspot system and rebuilt their enterprise sales process for the Global team.
Implemented Lead Attribution & ROI for offline and digital marketing efforts
Built an SDR system in HubSpot and onboarded a team of 70+ sales leaders to generate 200+ demos monthly.
Boosted lead relevance by calculating the events type and events age across multiple platforms in their ecosystem.
Developed a hyper-automated webinar setup that can be easily delivered through HubSpot. It helps Pearson launched over 15+ events every year.
Reduced manual sales efforts by 200% through ACV and TCV calculation, and customer success nurturing.
Developed the entire HubSpot ecosystem through SDR and Enterprise sales playbook implementation and set up C-suite reporting.
Reduced the sales cycle through sales process implementation and improved lead generation efforts by setting up webinar campaigns on scale.
Brought the performance score all the way up to 90% by optimizing a larger scale website on HubSpot CMS.
Reduced churn through automating sales renewals and increased visibility through reporting and Sales Hub implementation.
Boosted customer survey response rate via a seamless multimedia survey process built in HubSpot.