A technology firm specializing in employee communication platforms struggled with lead management, missing out on potential sales. They addressed this by integrating Chili Piper and HubSpot, which automated the workflow and enhanced lead tracking. This infrastructure improvement resulted in an 83% increase in their monthly sales pipeline and a significant boost in their lead-to-deal conversion rates.

How Strategic Lead Management Boosted Monthly Pipeline by 83%


The Client

The client is a prominent player in the technology sector, specializing in employee communication platforms. Their platform focuses on enhancing employee engagement, fostering a sense of community, and building positive company culture within organizations.

Based in the tech industry, their primary offering revolves around streamlining internal communications and collaborations.

The Problem

The client faced significant challenges in their lead management process, affecting their overall sales development efficiency.


Lead Prioritization Issues


Missed Opportunities

Problem Overview

  1. The existing system disproportionately focused on leads who scheduled meetings, overlooking a significant portion of potentially qualified leads.
  2. A considerable number of leads who did not book meetings, yet provided valuable contact information, were not engaged effectively, leading to potential lost deals.

Our Approach

Our intervention involved a detailed analysis of the client's lead management system to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. 

The goal was to refine and optimize their sales development process, ensuring no valuable leads were overlooked.

The Solution

Infrastructure Enhancement:

  • Chili Piper Integration: Implemented to improve lead tracking capabilities.
  • New Field Additions: Introduced additional fields for capturing key lead information like meeting date, time zone, and sequence enrollment.

Infrastructure Enhancement

Workflow Automation:

  • Chili Piper and HubSpot Integration: Automated the entire workflow, including the Miro board process.

Introduction of Lead Status Field:

  • Automated Categorization: Leads dynamically categorized based on engagement status.
  • Categories Defined: Leads marked as "Replied", "New", or "Working" based on their interaction levels.

Introduction of Lead Status Field

Impact and Outcomes

83% Increase in Monthly Pipeline
62% Lead-to-Deal Conversion
32% Conversion for Non-booking Leads
  • Follow-Up Rate Improvement: From 24% of leads never followed up with, to 0% unattended.
  • Non-booking Leads: Conversion rates for leads not booking meetings rose from 4% to 32%.
  • Rescheduling No-Shows: Success rate in rescheduling leads who missed the first call increased from 8% to 40%.
  • Overall Lead-to-Deal Conversion: Achieved a 62% conversion rate for leads that booked meetings.
  • Pipeline Growth: The SDR team saw an 83% increase in monthly pipeline generation.
  • Improved Lead Tracking: The automation led to enhanced visibility into conversion rates between different outreach stages and a reduction in lead follow-up time.

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