A digital solutions company faced a lack of strategic and technical marketing expertise when their marketing manager went on maternity leave. The firm provided comprehensive digital marketing support through SEO, PPC, and content optimization, utilizing tools like Google Ads and SEMrush. This approach led to a 71% increase in monthly website sessions, significantly boosted online visibility, and increased new contact acquisition by 63%.

How we helped a Digital Marketing firm through their struggle with HubSpot to increase Monthly Sessions by 71%


The Client

Our client operates in the digital solutions sector, offering specialized services in digital marketing expertise. With a focus on strategic marketing advice and implementation of cutting-edge digital tools, they hold a prominent position in the industry.

The Problem

The client faced a challenging situation when their marketing manager, an in-house HubSpot expert, went on maternity leave, leading to a gap in both strategic guidance and technical expertise in HubSpot management.


Lack of HubSpot Expertise


Strategic Guidance Deficit


Requirement for Flexible Support

Problem Overview

  1. The temporary absence of the marketing manager created an urgent need for professional HubSpot knowledge and operational support.
  2. There was a pressing need for ongoing strategic marketing advice to maintain the momentum of the client’s marketing initiatives.
  3. The unique situation demanded an adaptable and responsive support mechanism to cater to the client’s evolving marketing needs.

Our Approach

Initiating a detailed strategy workshop to ensure alignment with the client’s goals, and implementing an agile retainer model to provide flexible support hours, adaptable to the client’s changing requirements.

The Solution

Key initiatives were executed as part of our solution:

  • SEO and Content Optimization Efforts: Conducted a thorough SEO project encompassing a site migration audit, keyword research, on-page optimization, and ongoing performance tracking.

SEO and Content Optimization Efforts

  • Management of PPC and Paid Social Initiatives: Handled PPC and paid social campaigns to drive focused marketing efforts.
  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Support: Utilized a combination of Google Ads, LinkedIn, BrightEdge SEO, and SEMrush to meet the client’s digital marketing objectives.

Impact and Outcomes

71% increase in monthly sessions
63% increase monthly new contacts
234 ranked for on Google

The initiatives resulted in notable achievements:

  • Increased Website Traffic: Achieved a 71% rise in total monthly sessions, enhancing the client’s online presence.
  • Stronger Online Visibility: Attained first-page ranking on Google for 234 keywords, significantly improving the client’s search engine visibility.
  • Growth in New Contact Acquisition: Recorded a 63% increase in monthly new contacts, widening the client's reach and customer base.
  • Seamless Project Management: Successfully managed the marketing manager’s maternity leave coverage, website migration, and implementation of various campaigns.

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