Read how we increased qualified lead generation by 22% monthly through strategic channel enhancements, notably via Facebook and webinars, leading to a marked improvement in lead quality and operational efficiency for a real estate firm.

How we leveraged strategic demand generation channels to deliver 22% compounded monthly growth in qualified leads for an investment fund


The Client

Our client is a vertically integrated multi-family real estate firm that acquires and manages value-add apartments in the U.S.A. 

With Acquisition, Asset Management, Property Management, and Construction verticals in-house, our client is able to control the end-to-end value chain, increase the Net Operating Income (NOI) and deliver a predictable outcome on a predictable schedule to our investors.

The Problem

The client came to us with several pressing challenges that hindered the efficiency and effectiveness of their Sales Development Representative (SDR) team:


Insufficient Lead Generation Channels


Absence of Qualification Criteria


Unclear Prioritization of Leads


Lack of Lead Nurture Cadence


Undefined SDR Processes


Operational Inefficiencies

Overview of Problems

During our engagement with the client, we identified 6 key problem statements as mentioned below:

  1. The setup lacked diversified channels for generating leads, restricting the flow of potential prospects into the pipeline.
  2. Without clearly defined qualification criteria, incoming leads lacked proper evaluation, leading to uncertainty about their suitability and potential for conversion.
  3. The team faced difficulty in determining which leads to prioritize due to the absence of clear guidelines or parameters for assessing lead quality and readiness for conversion.
  4. There was a deficiency in establishing a systematic approach to nurturing leads over time, resulting in missed opportunities for engagement and conversion.
  5. The Sales Development Representative (SDR) processes were not clearly outlined, causing inefficiencies and inconsistencies in lead engagement and follow-up strategies.
  6. The overall operational efficiency within the team suffered due to the aforementioned gaps, resulting in delays, miscommunications, and suboptimal resource utilization.

Our Approach

Phase I: Comprehensive Analyses and Selecting the right channel

  • We decided to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the CRM, existing data model, and the tech stack.
  • We evaluated the existing lead generation channels of the client.
  • We decided to introduce lead generation channels and tools to increase lead intake.

Phase II: Blueprinting and Onboarding

  • We created a blueprint for the SDR processes and Lead Journey.

Phase III: Monitoring and Optimization

  • We further strategized optimization for their Facebook campaigns and audience to increase the number of leads generated.
  • Finally, we decided to optimize their email copies to cater to different segments.

Our Approach

The Solution

  1. Creating the blueprint:
    Growtomation created a blueprint, outlining the SDR process and the content plan which included a series of welcome emails, nurture emails, and sales specific emails.

  1. Channels and tools introduced
    • We introduced Facebook as a lead generation channel.
    • We introduced webinars as a lead generation channel and implemented the necessary stack.
    • WhatsApp as a lead nurture channel.
    • We introduced Organic Social Media as a channel for lead generation and brand awareness.
  1. Playbooks and training for the team
    • We created playbooks for our client's sales team, onboarded them to a streamlined and structured process. 
    • We then conducted training sessions for the sales team to familiarize them with the new sales processes.
  1. Restructuring of the website and introduction of lead magnets
    • We re-structured the website content highlighting the USPs of our client, introduced the lead magnets like fund specific inquiry forms. 
  1. Introducing webinars as a lead generation channel
    • Webinar as a lead generation tool worked out well for this industry generating more than 40% high intent leads.
  1. Introducing WhatsApp as a lead nurture channel
    • Through strategic engagement and communication via WhatsApp, prospects were effectively nurtured along the customer journey.

Impact and Outcomes

8% Compounded Monthly Increase in Leads
22% Compounded Monthly Increase in Qualified Leads
84% Increase in Webinar Attendance through WhatsApp
  1. Month on Month Lead Influx

    Since its launch at the end of October 2023, our client's Facebook Ad campaign has consistently yielded an increasing number of leads, particularly during months when webinar campaigns were active. November, January, and February particularly stand out as months of significant lead influx, affirming the efficacy of webinars.

  2. Month-on-Month Influx in the number of qualified lead

    qualified lead

    qualified lead

  3. 84% increase in the number of webinar attendees

    Utilizing WhatsApp as a lead nurturing channel significantly bolstered attendee numbers, resulting in an impressive 84% increase. 


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