A global market intelligence company needed to streamline their complex marketing processes to efficiently target the right audiences. They implemented marketing automation within HubSpot, developed a multilingual website, and executed targeted campaigns, which reduced page editing time by 48% and increased the number of meetings booked by 28%, demonstrating enhanced marketing efficiency and increased engagement.

How our Marketing Automation efforts led to 28% increase in Meetings Booked


The Client

The client, a global market intelligence company with a history dating back to 1941, has been a leader in leveraging data to drive sales and enhance marketing and organizational effectiveness. They operate in various markets and offer a diverse range of products. The client’s extensive footprint and numerous offerings posed a challenge in effectively marketing the right solutions to the appropriate prospects.

The Problem

The client struggled to efficiently market their vast array of products to the correct audience amidst a backdrop of data overload and business volatility.


Global vs. Local Strategy


Marketing Process Complexity

Problem Overview

  1. The challenge was to reinvigorate their marketing strategies on both global and local scales, considering their wide array of products offered across multiple industries.
  2. The need for sophisticated marketing approaches to attract leads from various industries, while dealing with the complexities of a large corporation.

Our Approach

Consultation and Implementation: We collaborated with the client to understand their needs and define a strategic approach. Our focus was on enhancing their marketing processes using advanced digital tools.

Technical Expertise and Strategic Development: Leveraging our expertise in HubSpot and high-caliber marketing strategies, we aimed to develop a more streamlined and effective marketing approach for the client.

The Solution

  • Marketing Automation Implementation: We implemented marketing automation within the client’s HubSpot account, building out their marketing automation flows. We deployed a bot on the website to get answers to their questions in near real-time – recording their emails in the process to nurture them through emails.

Marketing Automation Implementation

  • New Multilingual Website: Developed a dynamic, user-centric website in multiple languages to better showcase the client's offerings, migrating vast content into the HubSpot CMS.
  • Targeted Campaigns and Website Management: Executed global and regional campaigns and established highly targeted account-based marketing. Enhanced website management resulted in a significant decrease in the time required to edit pages.
    We used the chat data to understand and record the pain points of the customers, and used it to run targeted email campaigns resulting in a significant increase in meetings booked.

Targeted Campaigns and Website Management

  • Lead Management and Integration: Understanding the interactions of users on the website, we deployed a scoring mechanism to prioritize leads based on the type of pages they spent the most time on. 

Impact and Outcomes

28% increase organically booked meetings
43% increase in website dwell time
  • Enhanced Marketing Efficiency: The new website and marketing processes led to a 48% reduction in page editing time, signifying improved efficiency in content management.
  • Increased Engagement: There was a 43% increase in average website dwell time, indicating higher engagement with the client's content.
  • Positive Stakeholder Feedback: The client’s VP of Global Marketing acknowledged the significant role our team played in implementing their global digital strategy and the increased value of using HubSpot.
  • Strategic Growth: Our solutions not only streamlined the client's marketing efforts but also supported them in unlocking a new growth phase for their business.

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