Read how we increased lead generation for a furniture rental company by 6x through optimized PPC campaigns, resulting in a 67% decrease in customer acquisition cost and a significant boost in revenue within just three months.

How we helped a furniture rental company get 6x more leads through PPC campaigns and increase revenue in just 3 months


The Client

Our client, Staging & Co., is a furniture rental company, primarily offering staging and design services for the real-estate industry. They specialize in seamless, turn-key solutions for realtors, builders, and independent professional stagers–to facilitate quicker and smoother home sales.

The Problem

Our client was already working with a PPC agency but was unhappy with the results.

  • First, their current setup was not generating enough leads (and revenue) from their investment in Google Ads. 
  • Second, they noticed an overall declining trend in terms of conversions in the last 3 months with no major or seasonal financial downturn in the market.

They faced 3 primary challenges with their current setup:


No structure in the campaign set up


No negative keywords across the account


Not optimized for conversions

Since we were already working with the client as their HubSpot solution partner, we were able to figure out the problems. Here is an overview:

  1. There was just a single campaign with all the ad groups and keywords. This meant that keywords were competing among themselves which resulted in decreasing conversions over time.
  2. As a basic hygiene measure, a negative keyword list allows you to stop junk and spam submissions over time. Given the account was active for over a year, not having a negative keyword list was a red flag.
  3. Missing conversion tracking and counting each conversion as the same value, meant that the campaign wasn’t optimized in the first place.

Our Approach

Call it our advantage but because we were already working with the client for 3+ months we had better visibility on -

  1. Their business processes
  2. Their ideal customer profiles
  3. Different touch points that the lead was going through before converting

We leveraged this to understand how Google Ads can actually become not only a channel for generating new demand but also nurturing the existing demand.

Here’s a glimpse of our paid marketing setup: 

The Solution

Here’s the solution we delivered to tackle problems:

  1. After identifying the existing gaps in the account, we created a campaign structure to get better visibility and target different personas effectively.
  2. Changed the messaging on the ad copies and the landing pages from feature-centric to value-driven. This ensured the prospect was able to visualize the benefits better and there was also consistency at each touch point.
  3. We ensured that each and every point on the technical checklist was ticked off before making the campaign live.
  4. Building the nurture cadence in HubSpot to ensure sales was only focusing on high-intent leads.
  5. Setting up retargeting to capture leads that did not convert the first time to ensure we don’t miss out anything.

The Impact and Outcomes

Immediately after the launch we started seeing tangible results.

7.5% increase in number of qualified leads
67% decrease in customer acquisition cost
6x return on ad spend

Within the first 3 weeks we were able to learn from our experiments and figure out the hero ads. And we haven’t looked back since.

Here’s what we were able to accomplish:

  • 7.5x increase in the number of qualified leads
  • 67% decrease in cost to acquire a new customer
  • 6x R.O.A.S. as compared to 3.5x
  • 6x increase in overall revenue coming from just Google Ads

Increasing the contribution of Google Ads to revenue from 7% to 44%


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