A jewelry brand lacked an email marketing strategy, impacting their ability to engage and retain customers. By implementing Klaviyo’s marketing automation, including creating pop-up signup forms and segmenting customer emails based on engagement, they significantly improved customer engagement and drove over $13,000 in revenue in the first month of implementation, showcasing the power of targeted digital marketing efforts.

How a helped a jewelry brand drive over $13,000 in sales in a month with Klaviyo


The Client

Our client is a jewelry designer specializing in handmade jewelry. The client has a large customer based in the Midwest, with plans for expansion to the West Coast soon.

The client sells a variety of items including rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings – largely targeted towards women customers. 

The client had set up an eCommerce store and hadn’t explored email marketing as an option yet, so we came in early to help them set up their email engine.

The Problem

Our client came to us with little to no effort put into email marketing, and no active tools to begin with. They had two key problems:


No active email marketing campaigns


No nurturing mechanism

The Tech Stack

We recommended the client to deploy Klaviyo considering its extensive marketing automation capabilities:

Tool Use case
Klaviyo Deployed for marketing automation.


Our Approach

We started by reviewing the client’s website to understand how users interacted with their online store, to develop a strategy to engage customers within and outside of the store.

    1. We started with identifying existing touch points of the customers, and which pages/sections they were spending most of their time exploring. 
    2. Next, we defined the brand guidelines for the clients by analyzing previous successes to understand which tone and language resonated most with the customers – which we would later use to create targeted messaging for a variety of segments. 
    3. Finally, we decided to analyze all existing campaigns including PPC and social media, to understand how and why the customers were arriving at the website to further refine our messaging across the online store. 

We realized that the client hadn’t explored website user engagement to drive sales, so we deployed a variety of marketing automations to increase conversions, and build loyalty to get repeat customers. 

We decided to deploy 2 kinds of campaigns:

      • Pop-up
      • Flows

The Solution

Creating Pop-up Signup Forms

We created brand new Signup forms for their website which also allowed the users to subscribe to the mailing list of the store. 

Our value proposition for the customers was to get early access to the latest offers; helping the client get more registrations on their store while building an email list to run marketing campaigns. 

We also created two separate forms, one for desktop users and the other for mobile users for an excellent user experience.

Inculcating Faith in Customers 

We developed a cherishing user experience for customers coming to the website to build brand loyalty. So, we deployed an ‘Abandoned Cart’ for customers who added items to their shopping cart but did not finalize payment. 

This enabled our client to keep in touch with the client, send them special offers while showcasing that they care about the customers who visit their store. 

List Cleaning and Customer Segmentation

We wanted to ensure that all our client’s emails were landing in the right inboxes, while ensuring that no users were spammed and that no emails were sent to unverified email added. This allowed us to create a list of potential customers for our client that we would run marketing campaigns for. 

Using this cleaned list, we segmented our customers based on the following criteria:

      1. If a user opened an email in the last 3 days
      2. If a user clicked a link in the email in the last 3 days
      3. List of users based on their most visited pages
      4. List of users who were regular customers – making more than 4 purchases in the last quarter 

Based on this information, we created targeted campaigns to send relevant information and offers to users – to help make a purchase as per their preference. 

Impact and Outcomes

Our implementation of Klaviyo’s marketing automation solution for the client resulted in significant customer engagement and revenue growth.

2,870+ form submissions
$13,000+ in revenue in a month
  1. We were able to achieve over 2,870 new form submissions.


  1. We generated over $13,000 in revenue within the first month itself.

generated  revenue


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