The client was facing issues with engaging prospects effectively due to an inadequate website and cumbersome booking processes, leading to sales inefficiencies. They implemented dynamic website modules, custom developments, and interactive tools that provided real-time pricing information for various office locations. This solution streamlined the sales process, enhanced user experience, and resulted in a 19.5% increase in organic conversions and a 14% reduction in time to book meetings.

How CRM Integration increased conversions by 19.5% for this Office Space Rentals Company


The Client

The client, a company specializing in creating inspirational workplaces, operates across Europe. With a focus on providing extraordinary office spaces, their primary offering includes both small and large shared office solutions.

The Problem

The client faced challenges in engaging prospects with an effective user experience and streamlining their sales process. Key issues included:


Website Experience


User Engagement


Sales Process Efficiency

Problem Overview

  1. Their existing website failed to adequately showcase their capabilities and provide real-time, connected pricing information.
  2. The need for an engaging user experience for prospects inquiring about or booking office spaces was evident.
  3. The appointment booking process was cumbersome, causing delays and extra effort for the sales team.

The Solution

Key actions and solutions implemented included:

  • Dynamic Website Modules: Designing four dynamic website modules, compatible with multiple languages, to showcase real-time information effectively.

Dynamic Website Modules

  • Custom Development: We custom developed a solution for the client and used HubDB to provide up-to-date pricing information.

Custom Development

  • Interactive Tool Creation: Building an interactive tool on HubSpot, enabling visitors to select preferences and receive detailed product cards with pricing.
  • Multi-Location Data Display: Implementing the tool to display real-time data for 31 locations.

Impact and Outcomes

14% reduction in time to meeting booked
19.5% increase in organic conversions

The solutions delivered significant improvements, evident in:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Prospects now enjoy a seamless experience in finding and booking office spaces.
  • Increased Sales Efficiency: The sales process was streamlined, reducing time to meeting booked by 14% and effort for the team.
  • Improved Decision-Making Process: With immediate access to pricing, prospects can make quicker decisions, shortening the sales cycle – increasing conversions by 19.5%.
  • Real-Time Data Access: The integration provided up-to-date pricing information across multiple locations, improving accuracy and trust in the information provided.

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