Check out how we enhanced the SDR team's sales processes at a financial solutions firm through technology integration, resulting in improved lead handling, +30% W-o-W call volumes, and meeting scheduling, and 15% increase in meeting conversions.

How we enhanced sales processes through technology and strategy, yielding significant improvements in efficiency and outcomes


The Client

C&C Consulting is a financial solutions provider for individuals and enterprises, dedicated to the dissemination of financial wisdom, the provision of sophisticated financial tools, and the cultivation of a community. 

Catering to the needs of investors in pursuit of deeper insights and business proprietors looking to enhance their financial performance, C&C guides its customers through every step of their financial decisions and helps safeguard their wealth. 

The Problem

C&C came to us with several pressing challenges that hindered the efficiency and effectiveness of their Sales Development Representative (SDR) team:


The team grappled with suboptimal lead handling and follow-up strategies due to reliance on manual processes and inadequate use of technology, leading to missed sales opportunities.


Low call volumes combined with a lack of real-time performance metrics tracking meant the team couldn't effectively gauge or improve their conversion rates.


The absence of automated lead routing and predictive analytics tools limited the team's ability to efficiently prioritize leads and forecast sales outcomes, affecting overall sales efficiency.

The Tech Stack

Tool Use case
Kixie Integrated for increased call volume and efficiency.
HubSpot Meetings Adopted for standardization and improved meeting conversion rates.

Kixie      Hubspot Logo

Our Approach

We tackled the project in steps to make the sales team work smarter, not harder. Here’s the approach we took to it:

Phase 1: Comprehensive Evaluation and Technology Selection

  • We conducted an in-depth analysis of existing SDR processes, identifying gaps in lead handling and call efficiency. 
  • We decided to select the right tech stack for improving calling capabilities, streamlining scheduling to address the gaps.

Phase 2: Integration and Automation

  • We decided to integrate new tools into the SDR workflow, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum uptake. 
  • We chose to automate critical processes, such as lead routing and follow-up scheduling, to enhance speed and accuracy in lead management. 

Phase 3: Training and Quality Shift

  • We discovered that we had to implement a training program, aligning SDR skills with the new tools and processes. 
  • Finally, we decided to shift our client’s focus from call quantity to call quality, emphasizing the value of meaningful customer interactions and setting new performance standards. 

The Solution

Boost Calls and Improve Tracking: We kicked off by integrating Kixie to get more calls made and set up dashboards that let us see how we're doing in real-time. More calls plus better tracking meant we started to see where we could get better.

Smart Lead Handling: Next, we automated how leads get passed to the sales team, so the right people could jump on them fast. This meant less guesswork and quicker responses.

Keeping Score: With Kixie and our new dashboards, we could watch the sales game play by play. We saw how many calls were made, how long they lasted, and how many turned into real sales opportunities. It was like having a scoreboard that told us what moves to make next.

Easy Meetings: Switching to HubSpot Meetings made setting up appointments a breeze and bumped up our chances of turning a chat into a contract. We made scheduling meetings easier with HubSpot, streamlined our follow-ups, and kept tweaking our game plan based on what the numbers were telling us.

Predict and Plan: With HubSpot’s forecasting tools, we started predicting sales better, which helped us figure out where to focus our energy for the best results.

Kixie Setup and Calling Metrics

Streamlined Data Management: The synchronization between Kixie and HubSpot ensured that lead and contact information was automatically updated and transferred–allowing SDRs to focus on engaging with prospects rather than manual data entry, resulting in increased call volume. 

Kixie PowerCall: We used the PowerCall Chrome extension to create lists based on lead status and call outcomes from HubSpot, to:

  1. Auto-dial 10 numbers simultaneously, coupled with AI Human Voice Detection to ensure SDRs are only connected with live prospects.
  2. Automatically drop voicemails and SMS through templates with dynamic fields to reduce downtime between calls. 

Kixie PowerList: We then used PowerLists to target leads at various stages of the sales funnel as follows:

  1. Net New: For reaching out to unworked leads assigned leads to the SDR.
  2. Follow-ups: For engaging leads that require further nurturing.
  3. Unresponsive: For engaging leads that require further nurturing.
  4. Schedule a Call: For leads that require a meeting booking after a successful call.
  5. Application Form: For ensuring that leads submit necessary forms post-meeting.
  6. No-show: For re-engaging leads who missed their scheduled call.
  7. Letter of Engagement: For closing the loop with leads by getting the engagement letter signed.

Kixie Call Outcomes sync with Lead Stages:

Kixie Call Outcomes

Kixie Call Outcomes

HubSpot Operations: The Kixie integrated ensured that all call activities were meticulously logged in HubSpot–allowing real-time monitoring of the SDR efforts. 

Kixie and HubSpot Cadences: We developed cadences for different lead statuses–to guide the SDR team through a tailored engagement strategy.

  1. For Unresponsive Leads

    For Unresponsive Leads

  2. For Lead Status - Connected Qualified - and agreement sent - LOE FUP cadence

    For Lead Status

  3. For Lead status - Connected - Partially qualified - Book a meeting Cadence

Deployment of Performance Dashboards: Real-time dashboards were implemented to provide immediate insights into call activities, conversion rates, and individual SDR performances.

Deployment of Performance Dashboards

This strategic move allowed for agile adjustments and focused development efforts, optimizing sales outcomes.

Impact and Outcomes

The implementation of the solutions led to significant improvements in the C&C SDR pipeline:

  1. Our structured daily routine, including specific time allocations for new calls, follow-ups, and meetings, resulted in a consistent increase in call volume. 
  2. Regular reporting through HubSpot’s dashboard enabled us to track performance, recognize top performers, and identify areas for improvement.
30% W-o-W Increase in Calls

We achieved a 30% week-over-week increase in the number of calls made, reaching a peak of approximately 4,000 calls.

20% KPI improvement through lead routing

With HubSpot Meetings, our ability to turn a meeting into a potential sale improved by 15%. That’s a significant bump in our chances to close deals.

15% increase in Meeting Conversions

We delivered a 15% increase in meeting conversion rates post-migration to HubSpot Meetings.

Impact and Outcomes


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