Check out how we automated data processing for a law firm, reducing lead processing time dramatically and saving over $80,000 in six months by integrating structured data collection and management into HubSpot.

How an AI platform achieved unified sales, marketing, and customer onboarding operations by migrating to an integrated HubSpot ecosystem


The Client

Our client is a technology company based out of San Francisco, United States.

They develop software solutions to eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks through intelligent automation.

Their AI-enabled product allows users to create and perform more adaptable workflows for information workers so that they can focus on impactful revenue-generating activities and remain competitive.

The Problem


The client wanted to align his team efforts across the Sales, Marketing, and Onboarding departments. Isolated systems were hindering a smooth process.


The marketing team wanted to adopt a tool that fulfilled their need across the ABM, Inbound, and paid efforts.


The client wanted a system to integrate their product data that marketing, sales, and other revenue teams could access to take the relevant actions.

The Tech Stack

We started off with understanding and revamping their tech stack. The first step we took was deep diving into which technologies and platforms were right for the setup they were trying to achieve, followed by a thorough and accurate migration plan for all their data to the new setup.

Old Setup New Setup
Salesforce Sales Cloud HubSpot Marketing Hub
Unbounce HubSpot Sales Hub
WordPress HubSpot Service Hub
Intercom ZoomInfo

We moved our client’s tech stack to the HubSpot ecosystem to allow them to leverage a more integrated approach to business–courtesy of the platform’s variety of services which are easy-to-use and abundant in capabilities.

We specifically chose Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub to deliver an integrated RevOps landscape for our client, supported by ZoomInfo to append their lead enrichment, lead generation, and marketing efforts.

After identifying the right tech stack, we prepared an action for the course of our engagement to chart milestones and timelines to achieve success for our client.

our client

Implementation Schedule and Milestones

Once we profiled the client and understood the requirements, we prepared a strategic plan to implement the various solutions within the client’s organization without hampering the status quo–ensuring a seamless transition.

Discovery & System Audit

Implementation Schedule and Milestones

Approach for Migration

The migration strategy was centered on leveraging native integration capabilities, ensuring a smooth transition of data from Salesforce to HubSpot, thus preserving data integrity and streamlining the entire process.

  • We wanted to leverage the native integration capabilities of HubSpot that let them move the data smoothly from SFDC to HS without any custom code being written. Since native integration lets us map the custom objects along with other standard objects it was the ideal approach for them. 
  • We went ahead and set up a migration user in the SFDC sandbox and connected it to the HubSpot sandbox to move data only from SFDC to HS. We also made sure that none of the data was overwritten by HubSpot during the process. 


  • We mapped all the records to the active users and did not carry forward any inactive users. 
  • After a successful run of the integration across the sandbox, the same configuration was developed in the production environment.
  • Once the integration was established, we ran the HubSpot and SFDC send to ensure that the data sync was successful.


Here is how we went about mapping the objects between SFDC and HS.

Salesforce Objects HubSpot Objects
Accounts Companies
Attachments Attachments
Calls (Tasks) Calls
Campaigns Campaigns
Comments Comments
Contacts Contacts
Email Messages Emails
Leads Leads
Meetings (Events) Meetings
Notes Notes
Opportunities Deals
Products Products
Use Cases (Custom Object) Use Cases (Custom Object)
Tasks Tasks
Users Users

Impact and Outcomes

After the successful implementation of the new system, the outcomes were remarkable.

Before After
Using multiple systems like SFDC, Outreach, Unbounce, and Custom reporting tools Using Hubspot to run all sales, marketing, and customer service ops
Siloed to limited analytics All analytics are in one place
Isolated system for email marketing HubSpot Marketing hub to develop email marketing that is inherently connected to HubSpot Sales Hub.
Sales have almost no visibility into the marketing campaigns Sales can read every single marketing integration (marketing emails, LPs, Pages, etc.
Manual and non-scalable lead routing Seamless lead routing across 22 locations and 40+ Sales members.
No strong lead prioritization. The sales team has their goto list for Priority high intent MQLs, MQLs, and SQLs
Email Messages Automated sales follow-up for different stages of prospects in the funnel
Limited optimization of the marketing channels and processes Each marketing channel can be correlated with the total ROI generated or opportunity created. 

The company saw a significant improvement in efficiency and data accessibility across sales, marketing, and other revenue teams. 

Analytics were centralized, providing clearer insights into operations and performance.

The seamless integration facilitated better lead management, enabling the sales team to access detailed marketing data and prioritize high-intent leads more effectively. Automated follow-ups and optimized marketing channels led to a more streamlined process, directly impacting revenue growth and operational effectiveness. 

This transformation not only enhanced internal workflows but also improved the overall customer experience, setting a new benchmark for excellence in digital operations.


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