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Case Studies

Read how we impact our customers' revenue teams with incredible RevOps, RevGen and RevTech expertise!

Empowering Email Marketing for Ideal Living

Take a sneak peak into how we integrated WooCommerce with Klaviyo for an oil diffuser brand, improving email marketing strategies that resulted in a 66% contribution to total revenue from email...

Optimizing SDR Performance for a C&C Consulting

Check out how we enhanced the SDR team's sales processes at a financial solutions firm through technology integration, resulting in improved lead handling, +30% W-o-W call volumes, and meeting...

Sorting Data Inconsistency for an Ocean-Life Conservation NGO

Check how we successfully migrated close to 1 million contacts from Pardot and Salesforce to HubSpot, streamlining fragmented marketing data and ensuring seamless data synchronization, essential for...

Empowering Lead Generation through Paid Marketing for The Staging Co.

Read how we increased lead generation for a furniture rental company by 6x through optimized PPC campaigns, resulting in a 67% decrease in customer acquisition cost and a significant boost in revenue...

Nurturing Existing Database of Records and Initiating Marketing Hub Implementation

Read how we leveraged HubSpot for nurturing existing database of 440K contacts and initiated Marketing Hub implementation to deliver 24% m-o-m growth in marketing qualified leads for a Healthtech SaaS Client- and turned an audit into a full-fledged demand generation project.

How our Marketing Automation efforts led to 28% increase in meetings booked

A global market intelligence company needed to streamline their complex marketing processes to efficiently target the right audiences. They implemented marketing automation within HubSpot, developed a multilingual website, and executed targeted campaigns, which reduced page editing time by 48% and increased the number of meetings booked by 28%, demonstrating enhanced marketing efficiency and increased engagement.

Increased Conversions through an integrated CRM

The client was facing issues with engaging prospects effectively due to an inadequate website and cumbersome booking processes, leading to sales inefficiencies. They implemented dynamic website modules, custom developments, and interactive tools that provided real-time pricing information for various office locations. This solution streamlined the sales process, enhanced user experience, and resulted in a 19.5% increase in organic conversions and a 14% reduction in time to book meetings.

Boosting Monthly Pipeline for a B2B SaaS Platform

A technology firm specializing in employee communication platforms struggled with lead management, missing out on potential sales. They addressed this by integrating Chili Piper and HubSpot, which automated the workflow and enhanced lead tracking. This infrastructure improvement resulted in an 83% increase in their monthly sales pipeline and a significant boost in their lead-to-deal conversion rates.

Enabling a Fintech to Upsell & Cross-sell Better

Improved a fintech company's CRM processes, which led to a 20% increase in qualified sales pipeline and enhanced cross-selling strategies through a more structured customer journey and data integration.